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Hercules Olympia 2012

The Hercules Olympia is the natural evolution of Scott Horton’s original Mr Hercules body building show which started in 1998.  Over the duration of time the whole Hercules enterprise has moved into strongman, power lifting and combat sport. 
The opening of the Hercules School of Physical Training and Combat has spread our net over everything we love and stand for as the original Hercules foundation.
In 2011 the Hercules team created a very successful outdoor event called the Valhalla Festival of Muscle and Power.  We encapsulated everything that was dear to us from our world and produced a pioneering and spectacular feast of muscle and combat.  The event was a huge success and made a substantial amount of money for BLESMA and a local children’s charity set up for the event with great military support.  One sport that did not feature at the festival was one of our main strengths of bodybuilding.  This year the Mr Hercules International and Miss Aphrodite International will be 2 of the main features at the Hercules Olympia; we will also bring all the excitement of strongman, power lifting, boxing, mixed martial arts and other disciplines, as well as  many trades stands and interactive competitions.
Hercules Olympia 2012 will be at the Essex Arena, Five Lakes Crowne Plaza Resort, Colchester.  This beautiful hotel and exhibition complex is unrivalled in the UK as a spectacular venue where all facilities are catered for under one roof.
This is an event not to be missed; come and enjoy the grand Hercules experience.

Crowne Plaza Resort Colchester

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