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Miss Aphrodite International

The Miss Aphrodite International will feature as part of the Hercules Olympia 2012 on Saturday 26 May. 
This event is entirely for ladies show casing the evolution of woman and providing categories for everybody from an untrained beautiful figure to a strong muscular developed woman.
The Miss Wow Factor is a new category and means exactly what it says, when the contestant walks onto the stage; she will exude the WOW factor, whatever that might be.
Other classes will provide an arena for ladies to compete in the appropriate category depending on their level of development.  To compliment this we have Miss Aphrodite Glamour which in essence is a beauty round where contestants parade in evening dresses.
For the first time in the UK we will also have a category called Miss Aphrodite Superstar where athletes will perform fitness tests to show their physical prowess and capabilities under the auspice of Army Physical Training Instructors.
Certain categories are in accordance with WABBA rules as marked above are indeed selectors for the WABBA World Championships in Rome, Italy June 2012 and WABBA Universe in Frankfurt, Germany December 2012.

Miss Aphrodite Beach Body Wow Factor
Miss Aphrodite Bikini Model (WABBA selector)
Miss Aphrodite Shape - Toned Figure (WABBA selector)
Miss Aphrodite Body Fitness - Trained Figure (WABBA selector)
Miss Aphrodite Fitness (WABBA selector)
Miss Aphrodite Physique (WABBA selector)
Miss Aphrodite Glamour - Evening Wear
Miss Aphrodite Superstar - Functional fitness

For all WABBA selectors check out the rules at www.wabbaworld.com

Click here for your entry form to Miss Aphrodite 2012 (859kb)